Locus Capital Partners (Locus), a M&A advisory firm, is pleased to announce that major shareholder and related parties sold their 100% stake in Seobu F&V, to IGEN PE. Locus acted as a sole financial advisor to Seoubu F&V’s shareholders in this transaction.

Seobu F&V is a fruit and vegetable auction company established in 1996. Since February 2004, the company has been designated as a wholesale company of Gangseo Market, located in Seoul. Seobu F&V engages in agricultural product sales brokerage. Agricultural products entrusted by the shipper are sold through an auction to intermediate wholesalers and participants and a certain percentage of the winning bid price is received as consignment sales fee.

IGEN PE, a private equity fund operator, acquired a 100% stake from Seobu F&V’s largest shareholder and related parties. IGEN PE is focusing on small and medium-sized business buyout investment. IGEN PE has resumed its buyout investment through this deal, since its acquisition of the golf club Anseong Q 2 years ago.

Locus acted as an exclusive financial advisor to Seobu F&V by managing and executing the entire deal process together with accounting, tax, and legal advisors.