Locus Empowered by KITIA to advise Korean Companies in the Parts and Materials Sector for potential M&A or JV deals

Locus Capital Partners (Locus), a M&A advisory firm, is pleased to announce that Locus has acquired exclusivity from Korea core Industrial Technology Investment Associate (KITIA), a government agency with the mission of helping to connect Korean companies with global partners, so as to actively support domestic industrial firms in searching for the appropriate targets overseas for potential M&A or JVs.

KITIA was established in 2001 with the purpose of supporting Korean companies in the parts and material sector to match up with global companies and to promote the overall development of the parts and materials sector in Korea.

As Locus has been empowered by KITIA to proceed with the deal, Locus will put its utmost effort in accelerating the development of domestic companies in the parts and materials sector with unmatched capabilities and laying a foundation for them to expand global reach through the rigorous matching process with global players.